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We provide to the general public several entirely non-fatal experiences, as well as Escape Rooms: Rooms full of puzzles that you and your friends are locked into and must find the key to and escape from before time runs out. Solve the mystery and get out before it's too late, else-wise you may just be locked inside forever.*

Now accepting reservations.

*Or until IT gets you. Whichever. I'm easy.

Welcome to The Puzzalarium.

OUR LATEST: The Parlour is Now Open!

The Parlour is our newest attraction, a real-world game and theatrical immersion categorically unlike any other from The Puzzalarium. Fans of escape rooms will be very pleased. It has been installed in our brand new facility in Hillcrest located at 3864 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.

Now accepting bookings. Click here to learn more.

We'd like to tell you a story. It is a story about a time not too far from now. A time when you and your friends were locked in a room by a strange person called a Puzzlemaster. The terms "escape room" and "puzzle" were thrown around, but you had no idea what it meant. You found yourself in an old Study, or perhaps a Parlour. Maybe even within the confines of a local city. Bits of stories and events surround you, waiting to be connected. 

You are confused. You are alert. You are...puzzled. But you are having fun. You, dear guest, are at the Puzzalarium.

Gift Vouchers

Our ever popular holiday gift vouchers are once again available for sale! Purchase a Puzzalarium gift voucher for your loved ones (or your hated ones; whichever works for you.) Good for any Puzzalarium Immersion including The Study or The Parlour.

The Study

The Study is our downtown escape room at 841 14th Street, San Diego, CA, 92101.  

Who is this for?

For your friends

Spend an unforgettable night working to escape. Earn your freedom as a team and enjoy your potential glorious victory together, or perhaps your grisly* defeat at the hands of the Director.


For your Family

Don't go bowling. Dad is just going to win anyways like he always does. Instead, come solve puzzles together! Plus, it comes with a chance of getting younger siblings locked in a room forever* at no extra charge!

For your co-workers

Escape rooms are often categorized as a type of challenge course. Nothing inspires teamwork and fosters co-operation quite like the threat of being locked in a room for the rest of your life!*


For Gamers

Forget controllers, handsets, headsets, and that dumb camera the Xbox had. Immersions are games you play in real life, where you only have one life. Hope you've leveled up your Intelligence.** Dominate our leaderboard.

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841 14th St. San Diego, CA 92101

The Puzzalarium is an escape room, challenge course, and puzzle room, located in downtown San Diego, California. Common misspellings and typos of our name include puzzlearim, puzzlelarium, puzzelarium, puzzalarim, puzzlarium, and puzzlearium. We have a complex name, because we're a complex place.