Dearest Patrons,

I'm Stevenson Streeper, the Director.

I'm a game designer trying to make a Theme Park,

and I am constantly working on something.

If you haven't been keeping up with us for years it's hard to keep track of what exactly it is.

So here's a short summary of what's happened up to this point:

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Come murder each other, dang it

It's not like you have any other legal way to take out your aggression

Game Diego Summer and Hear/Say 4 Announcement

Because why not do it again but even bigger?

ElectraCity Progress Pics and YouTube Shorts

I also show more about the Theme Park Idea

Workshop Reveal and GamerCon Announce

In which I show off pretty workshop shots.

Game Diego Spring Kicker

Because some people need to be reminded that they can buy tickets to fun things.

Game Diego and Usual Game Night

In which I introduce a monthly-ish game night

Announcing our very first Game Diego Convention!

Also we violently overthrow the leadership of a Meetup Group with blood and sixty bucks.

Mini Updates and Upcoming Events

Also meet some of the characters in PartySparkers

Our game is now on Steam! ....Already?!

And why our game trailer is bad

Announcing our video game PartySparkers!

Also maybe MiniGolf isn't such a good idea


The Theme Park's First Attraction

First Shadowspire Playtests

Super-Early-Very-Not-Ready Version of Shadowspire at EsCon Saturday!

Shadowspire Announcement

Congratulations to those who survived the Email purge.