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Hear/Say 4: The Final Curtain

The Murder Mystery MegaGame

September 9th, 2023, 7PM

Prototype 237, Paterson NJ

Coming in hot, polished, and fresh from a 4th successful showing in San Diego, the award-adjacent MegaGame comes to the East Coast for the first time!

Step into a world of glamour, intrigue, and suspense at "The Final Curtain," an immersive murder mystery experience set in the heart of the Roaring Twenties. As the curtain rises on the dazzling new play The Midnight Serenade, a staged murder becomes far more real than the actors involved ever intended, live on stage no less! It's up to the audience and cast, (you) to unravel the mystery of whodunnit and why. Join us for a thrilling evening of deception, romance, and betrayal as you explore a world of speakeasies and dark secrets, and race against time to unmask the killer before the final curtain falls. Dress to impress in your finest 1920s attire and prepare for an unforgettable night of mystery, drama, and deduction!


Admission also includes access to a private live music concert at the end of the evening.

This is a 3 hour light roleplaying MegaGame that is designed for both brand new and advanced RPG players.

Please dress in your best 1920s attire, or failing that your Sunday Best.

Changing rooms will be made available before the event.

Complexity choices you can select from:

Requests to be paired with other guests and to get simple/complex roles are not guaranteed to be honored. Refunds for Hear/Say cannot be granted less than one week from the event. Please email [email protected] to request ticket transferring. Dinner is not included, but bringing in outside food is permitted, and could hypothetically be used to bribe other players. Not that we would condone that, but we won't stop you either.

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Tickets purchased after September 1st may not have group requests honored. Earlier tickets get priority for team grouping.